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We are grateful that we have a beautiful practice place to share our simple Zazen practice with an open heart,
welcoming all who are looking for a home where they can develop their practice.

We hope you will join us.  Newcomers are always welcome to attend sitting practice and other activities at Stillpoint. 


To join us for sitting, please come 15 minutes before a regularly scheduled sitting (Sunday or Wednesday) for a brief orientation.

If you are new to sitting practice (Zazen) or have previous experience: we encourage you to come 15 minutes before our scheduled practice. This brief 15 minute orientation will let you know what to expect in our practice and we can introduce you to some of the fundamentals about sitting posture and technique that will benefit your experience when you sit.

We want you to feel comfortable when you visit and we welcome any questions you may have.
You may find it helpful to view our Zendo Etiquette page and FAQ page before your visit.
We sit every Wednesday (7p-9p) and Sunday (9:30a-12:15p); our
Practice Schedule page will provide you with additional details.

Cushions, mats and kneeling benches are available at the zendo for your use, or you may bring your own.  (You may also use a chair to sit, if you are more comfortable.)

It is only through the generosity of members, friends, and those who visit and sit with our practice community that Stillpoint is able to offer and maintain our zendo and this quiet, gentle place to practice.  While it is customary in practice to offer dana when you visit, we wish to be clear that anyone with a sincere interest in practice may sit with us, regardless of ability to offer financial gifts of support.

Suggested Donation:
Visitor:                                                                             $3-$5
Orientation and Introductory Instruction in zazen          
    (for those new to sitting practice): 

Find Us: MAP

137 41st Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
Phone 412-578-0110


Street parking is usually available within a three block radius of Stillpoint. There is a public lot at 42nd and Butler, a few blocks away. 

Public TransitBus routes 64, 91, and 93 have stops nearby on Butler Street. The 64 runs every day, 91 and 93 weekdays only.

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