Stillpoint Membership

‘Take refuge in enlightenment [the Buddha], take refuge in the truth [the Dharma],

take refuge in purity [the Sangha] the most honored among sentient beings.'

- Hui-neng, The Platform Sutra

Stillpoint Sangha:

Stillpoint Sangha is a lay Zen practice community. Sangha means ‘community.’
What makes someone a part of Stillpoint Sangha? When you sit with us, we welcome you as part of our Sangha.
When you support Stillpoint practice, offering yourself in any form; intention, time, effort, skills, talent, materials, funds, teaching,
you become part of Stillpoint Sangha.
When we practice together, we create Sangha, a community.

Stillpoint Membership:
What makes someone a Stillpoint Member?
Being a Stillpoint Member is not about how often you sit with us, or even if you live nearby. Stillpoint Members are those Sangha members who have chosen to make an active declaration of membership and have offered a pledge for ongoing financial support of Stillpoint in the form of a monthly, quarterly, or annual contribution.
Stillpoint is grateful for our friends, near and far, who have chosen to become Stillpoint Members.
Become a Stillpoint Member: If you would like to become a Stillpoint Member, please complete the Stillpoint Contribution and Member Pledge Form
Completed forms may be dropped in the dana box at Stillpoint, mailed to the address on the left, or e-mailed as an attachment to

Friend of Stillpoint:
Stillpoint Contribution and Member Pledge Form also includes many other options for contributing financially as a “Friend of Stillpoint” if this is something you would like to do, and Membership is not the best fit for you at this time. Any financial gift, however large or small is accepted with our full gratitude. Stillpoint welcomes you sit with us regardless of ability to contribute financially.