Dana is the practice of cultivating generosity.   

Stillpoint is supported entirely by the generosity of members, friends near and far, and by all those who visit and sit with our practice community.  It is only through those gifts, that Stillpoint is able to offer and maintain our zendo and this quiet, gentle place to practice with one another.

We can’t tell you when or how much to give, as dana is a gift freely given.

We can tell you that the generosity of any gift, whether in the form of time, effort, skills, materials, or financial support, is always gratefully received and will be mindfully put to use. 

And leave the gift to you.

We thank you for supporting Stillpoint and for being a part of our practice community.
Whether you practice with us at Stillpoint, or your practice is elsewhere, we are happy to be sitting together. Regardless of ability to offer financial gifts of support, we welcome you to sit with us.


Donations can be dropped in the donation box at the Zendo, or you can mail a check to:

137 41st St.
Pittsburgh PA 15201-3134

Or, you can make a secure direct donation via PayPal here:

You may also use our: Stillpoint Contribution and Member Pledge Form  to pledge a recurring contribution, become a Stillpoint Member, make to a special donation to a current Stillpoint project or in memory/in honor of someone.

Stillpoint is a 501(c)(3) charity and all donations to Stillpoint are fully tax deductible.
All donors will receive a tax receipt, which we issue in January of each year. 


There are other ways to be involved. Extra hands are always appreciated.
Got a special talent or skill? Materials or time? Willing to pitch in?  There is always a ‘to-do’ list of tasks, small and large, just waiting for someone to check off.  Can you wash a window, wield a paintbrush, fix a furnace, balance a checkbook or tend a garden? Send an email to or simply ask someone at one of the regular sittings how you can help.  

Volunteer Committees
Building Committee – assesses the needs of our building, grounds and garden and organizes work to keep these well tended and in good repair.
Outreach Committee – maintains the website, helps people to know about and how to find Stillpoint, makes newcomers feel welcome.
Practice Committee – organizes retreats, guides practice, attends to the zendo (meditation hall), provides instruction and orientation to newcomers.