About Stillpoint

Our practice:
Zazen, or seated meditation, is the core of our practice.
In Zen, quiet sitting meditation is seen as the way to profound insight and awakening to one’s true nature.

Stillpoint sangha members come from a variety of backgrounds and practice lineages to share this spiritual practice. During more than two decades of Stillpoint practice, many have found a home for their Zen practice here at Stillpoint. We are grateful that we have a beautiful practice space to share our simple Zazen practice with an open heart, welcoming all who are looking for a home where they can develop their practice.

We hope you will join us. 

Our beginning: In 1990, a handful of dedicated individuals in Pittsburgh began gathering in attics and basements to sit zazen together once a week.  Out of that humble beginning, Stillpoint came into being.  Home at first for Stillpoint was a lovely little space in a basement of the condominium home of one of the founding members. Soon the group also practiced on Sunday mornings, in an attic of a small house in the Edgewood area. In time the group matured to the point where a dedicated space was needed; in the mid-90’s, a ground floor apartment rental in the Friendship area of the east end of Pittsburgh became our practice space.   Stillpoint flourished in this space and the practice schedule grew to include zazenkai (all day sitting) and retreats.  When we lost our lease several years later, Stillpoint relied once more on the hospitality of members, meeting in private homes in Squirrel Hill and Brentwood.  Wherever we sat together, Stillpoint called home.

A permanent home for Stillpoint:
Stillpoint continued to grow and it soon became evident
that Stillpoint needed a new (well, not quite) permanent location to practice.  Our small community took a big step, a leap of faith: purchasing a modest house, in the Lawrenceville neighborhood in January of 2002.  Within six months our first room was completed, an upstairs zendo; in June 2002 the community began to sit together in this new beautiful space. Years of backbreaking renovation followed.  The ‘sweat’ dana of the many determined, generous and talented members of the Stillpoint community, brought new meaning to the term “work practice” and transformed the humble ‘handyman special’ into the peaceful space that Stillpoint calls home today.  The now completed building includes a zendo (meditation hall), library, kitchen and bamboo garden. 

Today, Stillpoint is a nonprofit Buddhist organization and lay zen practice community based in Lawrenceville, a centrally located urban neighborhood of Pittsburgh. 

In addition to providing a place for Zen practice, Stillpoint is a resource for information on Zen practice and teachings in the Pittsburgh area. We offer:

Orientation and introductory instruction for those new to Zen and zazen (sitting practice)
Study and Discussion groups
Retreats led by highly respected visiting Zen teachers
Public Dharma talks by visiting teachers and practitioners.

Newcomers are always welcome to attend sitting practice and other activities at Stillpoint. Please come 15 minutes before a regularly scheduled sitting.

Stillpoint Backyard Garden update - see our Garden page here. 

If you have any questions, email sit@stillpointzen.org.  See  the Visit Stillpoint page for more information.